Important news

The important news is that I'm moving over to this site now, and the greatest hits of the old one are coming with me. The greatest hit, I mean: the Chicago Fire drinking game, updated in April 2016 to reflect the Season 4 cast.

My love of Chicago Fire runs deep. It may not sweep the awards circuit, and it probably won't endure into the future as a paragon of excellence in television, but maybe it should: this show is 100% pure entertainment. It knows exactly what it is—forty-two minutes of beautiful people, sexual tension, personal drama, and acute rescue-related suspense—and it rocks the hell out of it. To watch Chicago Fire, you have to suspend a fair bit of disbelief and stop asking why would he/she do that? (the answer is, I think, only because the script said to) and does it really work that way? (probably not but look! An explosion!) and why does Jesse Spencer ("Matt Casey") play every scene with shifty-eyed secrecy? (no one knows), but once you let go of the logic of the regular world, you will be free to soak up the magic that is this show. It's fun to watch, it looks like it's fun to make, and it is reliably engaging. So reliable, in fact, that I think it lends itself well to a drinking game:



Someone says "ambo"

A personal conversation is interrupted by the alarm

A meal is interrupted by the alarm

Dawson's quick thinking saves the day

Boden broods silently in his office

Mills mentions his dad

Brett has a romantic entanglement

Dawson & Casey gaze meaningfully at each other

Someone mentions Severide's treacherous father, Benny

Casey talks about a construction job

Any character is questioned by police

Otis brings up his podcast

Pouch the Dog appears on screen

Connie glares at someone

Severide is shirtless



Anyone else is shirtless

A Molly's-related venture suffers a financial setback

SCUBA rescue

Jaws of Life are used

Anyone confusingly refers to Otis or Mouch as Brian or Randy (is that what their names are? I don't know)

There is a fistfight of any kind

Someone mentions alcohol prep pads

"Call out!" or "Report!"



People are trapped in an elevator

A victim has been impaled on a piece of rebar or other metallic object

A victim has been trapped in a piece of industrial equipment

A car hangs dangerously off a precipice, such as a parking garage roof or an overpass

One of the firefighters or paramedics has to be rescued in a dramatic fashion

Anyone is taken hostage